The Red Chair Build

The ATV with the body removed


Working with wood was fun after so many years of metal. But this part took much longer than I thought it would


2" Foam and batting over this. Holes are drilled for the buttons

Beginning the tuck and roll.

The electrical is relatively uncomplicated. I try to always have a relay on each switch so there is less current through the switch and it will last longer.


There is also an LED indicator on each switch, just for fun.

The first pieces of plywood and 1 x 1 1/2" fir supports for the new body


Added gas pedal and moved existing brake pedal to the front. Had to have a hydraulic line made up.


The back of the arm rests are styrofoam. This would be fine but we should have added more backing for staples around the styrofoam. Bendable plywood is ineffectual.




Finished almost. Foot rest and some trim still to go in this picture.
During the parade somehow the cushion was lost. Ugh. I spent two days at least making this cushion. I can make the next one faster because I bought a cheap upholstery sewing machine off craigslist.