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Parlor Car Goes to Burning man 2011

Trailer for Kinetic Grand Championship.

Coming Up: Hand Car Regatta on September 25th.
and after that? Anything is possible.

Table of Contents:

UPDATE 8/1/11

The Pierre Selmersheim model from 1895 won 500 franks in a competition for an auto that combined art with science. However the judges were disappointed. Click on the picture for a pdf of the text.

Liam found this page in a book called "The Machine as seen from the end of the mechanical age." published by the NY MOMA. The date on the model is 1895.


The Car of the Future drawing at right is from an 1890's magazine. That's all we knew about it until Liam found the book shown above.

Shannon's brother Kevin has wanted to see it come to life for a long time.

Two other personality possibilities are shown here. One is Suess like and the other is a little more Vader.

Doctor Sues happy version

This is a model built by Kevin a few years ago out of paper. The flat surfaces would be easier to build.

Yesterday 4/26/11 the sheet aluminum arrived. It's .032 thickness and there was at least $50 worth of wood keeping it perfectly flat and smooth. The ship yard has an English Wheel and we have a planishing hammer.

Kevin's Evil Version Model