10/22/13 - Building one of the beautiful ideas on this page would be a dream, but who can afford that? The static non motorized versions are five thousand. Who ever heard of non-motorized couches? I know! We could build a crude version, motorized, for less. But generally the typical Burning Man thing you want is a reliable motorized platform upon which you can crucify an old couch. Nowdays we use Tek screws and hardened wood screws and impact drivers. I just sold my last stock platform but I can build another in a matter of weeks. I would say my price is $3000 and you supply the couch and lights. That way shipping is easy. The last one was remote control but that was too expensive and, I think, not as much fun as standard joy stick and pedals. So this paragraph is to serve as an update proving I am still kicking. email me

   And Furthermore. Just for the record. I was going to build a 4X4 couch so that we could take it out to the desert during the other 50+ weeks of the year. Then I discovered that several US companies make them already. So we bought a RZR 800 last week and are taking to the Playa next week. What about a stand up chariot like the "photo" at left? We'd have to wear the Robo Outfit.tunnel of loveseat

   5/28/2012 Finding a couch with good gas mileage and proper tires are problems man has struggled with ever since he first started driving furniture. My idea is to make a light weight robust motorized platform onto, on which the new owner can add their own manifested ideas. Alternatively, we could supply a complete turnkey product such as the Tunnel of Loveseat shown here.
  We've been building motorized furniture since 2000 CE. We've made mistakes and learned many things the hard way. Many? Perhaps. Too many? I think not. For instance, electric motors are not appropriate. Inexpensive wheels and bearings won't last 24 hours on the playa. Alkaline lake beds eat steel for breakfast. If you are an artist maybe you'd rather not spend several years working the bugs out of the mechanical portion of your creation.
Austin   Why not buy a golf cart? We tried that too. We ended up using the king pins off of it and threw the rest in the dumpster. The garbage guys took a picture and sent us a warning not to do that again, which we were so planning on doing. You know, buying large objects and putting them in the dumpster. But now we have a rule: Never buy things that won't fit in the dumpster. The idea of our platform is that it is small and will fit in the back of a pickup or a dumpster. So, feature No. One: It will fit in a dumpster. No worries. I often theaten our large couch with throwing it in a dumpster but we'd have to cut it up first. "I'm going to cut you up and throw you in the dumpster." Then it starts working everytime.

What's so special about this new couch as compared to the ordinary motorized couch you might find at any used motorized couch lot?

  • Aluminum Frame. The stock lengths are 2" x 2" Aircraft aluminum (6061) with radius corners. This means light weight and will not rust and it will be a pleasure to lift into your vehicle since the frame won't have sharp edges. If it is not a pleasure, you know what to do. Or you can email me.
  • 110cc ATV 6.5hp engine with electric start. It can have one speed forward or three speeds with reverse and neutral. This is plenty powerful for Burning Man, parades, golf courses and so forth. These engines are also reliable, easy to install, they don't sound like a lawn mower and they are good looking.
  • Disk Brakes provide plenty of stopping power.
  • Golf Cart tires. The Playa also eats tires. If you've built a vehicle before you know the tires you should never use. Harbor freight shall remain nameless. They would if the tires they sold weren't flat when you buy them.
  • Traditional steering, gas and brakes pedals make the couch easy to drive for everyone with no learning curve.


  We are hoping for a selling price between $2500 and $3000 for the platform. Perhaps you would rather concentrate on the art work and have us make the motorized sub-structure. Feel free to send me an e-mail:

Where can you drive your motorized couch?

  • Burning Man is the annual motorized couch festival in northern Nevada. The best way to get around at Burning Man is by couch; no argument.
  • Golf Courses: Why use a traditional golf cart when a couch is available with golf bag racks in the back.
  • Race Tracks: VIPs can be transported in regal style unmatched by any other vehicle. Imagine if your couch were a gilded throne or fashioned after a '57 Cadillac.
  • Gated Communities: A very nice small cargo trailer can make shopping an experience you will want to remember. (Not implying you won't be able to.)
  • Parades: The motorized platform is a self contained unit ready for your small float. Imagine a fleet of floats and couches. Who will even notice the folks in the convertible.
  • The playa is open year round along with many other dry lake beds. Top speed is at least 20 MPH. A design with swing arms in the front would make the vehicle ride uneven roads well. What about a couch with ottoman foot rests, roll cage, off-road lights and warn winch? Or the stand up chariot shown above? The limits are endless - wait....