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The Red Chair


To rent: $200/day

To buy: $6000

Scroll slowly down the page to see how fast this chair is.

     It's just a chair, not unlike any other fully upholstered 6.5 HP chair with independent front suspension. If you would like to sit in comfort and style and get good gas mileage, this is the chair you have been looking for. The engine is Lifan, the same company that makes engines for BMW. Brake and gas pedals, turn signals, head lights and Cadillac tail lights will make you feel right at home in your living room or the Autobahn. We are redefining the Couch Potato. Jump on.               MORE INFO

The Vicious Cycle

The world's only Two Person Side by Side Pedal Powered Dicycle that spins, that we built and is green on one side. Apparently there are many dicycles, but ours may be the only spinner.


Dicycle is the new word. Vicious is capable of spinning thanks to independent power trains and fixed gearing. If one person pedals forward and the other pedals backwards, then you spin. To steer you have to communicate and cooperate. Kids love this machine. Couples hate this machine. With help, even seven year olds can have fun. There is one battery for lights and power is fed to the lighted wheels by an exposed slip ring. So the mechanics of this will inspire young minds, and old.

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$8500 to buy. $200 per day to rent.


The Chairway to Heaven


Originally built in 2003 and remodeled in 2006, today the Chairway is again stripped to the bare frame for a new paint job and a few upgrades.

The scissors are home made and raise the sofa about twelve feet in the air. You can drive around with the sofa all the way up but i would never do that sober. The options on this couch are numerous and include a fire cannon, brass animated flowers, two steam whistles, and a full canopy.


When the remodel is completed it will rent for $300 per day.

Sale price could be negotiated.

The Motorized Platform


     Maybe you want to make a small parade float or Burning Man vehicle for two or three people, and you don't want to spend a year developing the motorized portion of your creation.

     We can build a motorized Platform for you and guarantee it's dependability. After all these years, I am still learning what doesn't work when it seems like it should. For instance the wheels need to be golf cart size. Remote control is not good for a vehicle you ride on and so forth.

    If you are going to Burning Man be sure to order early as these are not in stock and the deadline for applying for a permit is in June and the permit has to be in your name, not mine.


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For sale: $2995.00

dave@motorizedcouch.com   510-967-4071    Oakland CA.