10/19/14 Update: World's worst businessman, (me) employs "Vietnam Syndrome" to solve the poor sales record for his couches. If the apples cost $1 and you sell them for 95 cents, then you need to sell a lot more apples. But there is also the adage that to make money you must spend money, and there is the saying in Arabia that if you are about to dye of thirst you should piss in your canteen and also the flight of pheonix thing where you use the next to last dynamite charge with ignition off, to clean out the cylinders. So I'm using the next to last of my savings to build the most amazing motorized arm chair and couch yet. They will be for sale or rent. High price this time. So the design is protected as yet but I can tell you that they will have hydraulic brakes, auto transmission, golf cart wheels and tires, head lights and tail lights where they are supposed to be and many more cool things. The design specifics are under wraps; even Vicki and I do not know what they will look like.
   If our new technology works out then we should be able to build the other designs on this page for a pretty resonable cost. i am thinking we could build motorized versions for not much more than the static primitive un-motorized versions cost.

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   5/28/2012 Finding a couch with good gas mileage and proper tires are problems man has struggled with ever since he first started driving furniture.
  We've been building motorized furniture since 2000 AD. We've made mistakes and learned too many things the hard way. For instance, electric motors are great unless you are planning on going somewhere and would also like to come home. Inexpensive wheels and bearings are tempting but won't last a day on the playa. Steel is also cheap but alkaline desert lake beds eat steel for breakfast.
Austin  Typically I build couches with aluminum frames. This time we're trying something new. Maybe it won't work. So I'm not telling you what we're doing.

But the engines we like are 110cc ATV 6.5hp engine with electric start. Automatic one speed forward. This is plenty powerful for Burning Man, parades, golf courses and so forth. These engines are also reliable, easy to install, they don't sound like a lawn mower and they are good looking. They have enough power to tow one or more trailers. The vehicles are capable of over twenty miles per hour and get huge gas mileage.
Disk brakes are good but hydraulic brakes are the only way we will go from now on. They are ten times more powerful than cable or rod deployed disk brakes.
Golf Cart tires. The Playa also eats tires. If you've built a vehicle before you know the tires, wheels and bearings you should never use. But Harbor freight is improving.
Traditional steering, with traditional gas and brakes pedals make the couch easy to drive for everyone with no learning curve. Rack and pinion steering will be featured on the new couch we're working on.

HOW TO GET ONEwith perhaps no waiting: VW


Where can you drive your motorized couch?

  • Burning Man is the annual motorized couch festival in northern Nevada. The best way to get around at Burning Man is by couch.
  • Golf Courses: Why use a traditional golf cart when a couch is available with golf bag racks in the back.
  • Race Tracks: VIPs can be transported in regal style unmatched by any other vehicle. Imagine if your couch were a gilded throne or fashioned after a '57 Cadillac.
  • Gated Communities: A very nice small cargo trailer can make shopping an experience you will want to remember. (Not implying you won't be able to.)
  • Parades: The motorized platform is a self contained unit ready for your small float. Imagine a fleet of floats and couches. Who will even notice the folks in the convertible.