The Red Chair

To rent: $200/day
To buy: $6000

A fully upholstered outer shell and a 6.5 HP internal combustion engine give the Red Chair plenty of pick up and possibly fifty mile range. It's build on a brand new Chinese ATV for reliability. Parts are available in Alameda and on line.

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The Vicious Cycle

The world's only Two Person Side by Side Pedal Powered Dy-Cycle. It's possible.

Dy-cycle is the new word. Search Youtube for other attempts. Vicious is capable of spinning thanks to independant power trains and fixed gearing. Each person pedals independantly. If one pedals forward and the other backwards, then you spin. To steer you have to communicate and cooperate. Kids love this machine. With help, even seven year olds can have fun. There is one battery for lights and power is fed to the lighted wheels by a home made slip ring. So the mechanics of this will inspire young minds, and old. More info. (coming soon)

$8500 to buy. $200 per day to rent.


The Chairway to Heaven is the ultimate couch and it is a little bit famous. It's first year on the Playa was 2004. In December of 2014 we took it all apart preparing for some much needed repairs and upgrades, It will be spectacular when we're finished. Not sure if I want to sell it.

Rent the Chairway to heaven: $400 per day. (when the restoration is finished)

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The Huff Motorized Platform.

110 CC, 6.5 HP, electric start, automatic transmission, with gas pedal, brake pedal, and golf cart tires for use on the Playa, street and golf courses. This vehicle comes as a platform, ready for your art. The one shown has a few additions such as foot rest and ridumentary seat. The one pictured also is remote control and has smaller tires.

These are cusom made to your specifications. Price is aroximately $3000.